Unleashing the Power of Mailwizz SMTP: A Comprehensive Review

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Unleashing the Power of Mailwizz SMTP: A Comprehensive Review

Mailwizz SMTP Review

Mailwizz SMTP Review | Email Marketing Application USA 2023

MailWizz is an email marketing application (version 2.1.1). With MailWizz, you can not only manage your email marketing but also be an Email Service Provider to your customers. It offers all the tools you need to create pricing plans and promotional codes, and to manage orders and transactions made by your customers.

MailWizz allows you to send unlimited email newsletters and unlimited lists with unlimited subscribers. You can treat multiple newsletters as customers if you manage them.

What is Mailwizz?

Mailwizz was founded in 2013 as a self-hosted Email Marketing Solution. Mailwizz offers self-hosted email marketing software that has basic functionality. This would allow Mailwizz the ability to use it for their clients. It’s different than other email service providers such as Mailchimp, AWEBER, or any other Email Marketing Software Providers because it uses an in-house solution that is tailored to each webmaster.

Mailwizz SMTP: Who uses it?

It is an email marketing solution for all businesses. It supports email list management, campaign management, users management, an overview dashboard.

Pricing Of Mailwizz:

This section of Mailwizz Review will discuss Mailwizz’s pricing and compare it to other Email Marketing Solutions.

Mailwizz is a very interesting Email Marketing Solution and Pricing. It offers two plans with unlimited access, and support for 6 months free. This contrasts with other Email Marketing Solution providers who offer multiple plans. Mailwizz’s pricing is very straightforward because it offers only two plans. Below are the plans:

Regular License Plan

Mailwizz’s regular license plan will give you lifetime access to the Mailwizz platform. The cost of $69 is required to get support for 6 months. You can then use the platform as you wish. Unlimited everything is possible. This plan has one major drawback. You can’t use an SMTP server that is not part of another Email Marketing Solution. The dashboard can be used to create the newsletter campaign.

Extended License Plan

Mailwizz’s Extended license plan allows you to use the Mailwizz email solution as a SaaS provider. A one-time $299 payment is required to obtain a lifetime license that includes top-notch priority support. This plan has one major drawback. You can’t use an SMTP server that is not part of another Email Marketing Solution. The dashboard can be used to create the newsletter campaign.

How To Use MailWizz?


  • Unlimited Number of Functionalities

Once you have installed and started using MailWizz you can manage unlimited campaigns, subscribers, and statistics as well as any other feature in the App.

  • Full and Accurate reports –

This allows you to get detailed reports about how your recipients act when they receive emails. These reports can include information such as who opened the emails and where they are located.

  • Administrative Tools

The App allows us to track how the app performs and any issues that may arise during its performance.

  • API system

The system allows you to build custom integrations. You will be able to include subscribers, campaigns, lists, and many other things.

  • Monetization Features –

This tool allows you to invoice and charge clients that you choose. It is part of your website.

  • Separation Of Duties and Concerns

Each task is distinct to make it easier for clients and administrators to clearly define their roles. This will allow you to easily deal with and distinguish every user.

  • Extension

This feature allows developers the ability to add extensions and themes. Many of these are already available. These themes can be downloaded for free or for a fee.

  • Frequent update –

Technology changes constantly and customers may need updates from one time to another. MailWizz strives to improve the platform by adding new features and fixing bugs.

Mailwizz SMTP 2023:


  • MailWizz EMA layouts are excellent.
  • As of now, the performance of MailWizz EMA remains good.
  • MailWizz EMA Support can be very useful and is extremely helpful.
  • Software must be tried.

Mailwizz SMTP: The pros and the cons

Pros (Advantages)

  • MailWizz makes it easy to handle your newsletters and emails without the need for external help.
  • Support tickets, discussion forums, and the knowledge base provide customer support.
  • Only one price is required, which includes all future updates.

Disadvantages (Cons)

  • To use the tool, you will need to add Cron jobs.
  • Customer support is not available via live chat or by phone.
  • It can be used on Windows and Linux, but it only supports the Linux Operating System.


MailWizz allows marketers and businesses to be part of the next generation of email marketing. This tool allows you to communicate directly with clients and get more out of your emails. This tool can be taken to new heights by optimizing the process, analyzing the results, and monetizing its functionalities. Emails are so easy to use, anyone can benefit from this platform without any complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: With what types of users and organizations do MailWizz work?

MailWizz can work with the following users and organizations: Small businesses, Mid Size Businesses, Enterprise, Freelance, and Nonprofit.

Q: Which languages does MailWizz support for their product?

MailWizz supports the following languages: English

Q: What support options does MailWizz provide?

MailWizz provides support online and during business hours.

Q: Which other services or applications does MailWizz integrate?

MailWizz can be integrated with: Convert Pro, ConvertPlus, and Inboxroad.

Q: What kind of training does MailWizz offer?

MailWizz offers training through documentation.

Q: Is MailWizz offering a free trial?

MailWizz allows you to try it for free.

Q: What is the cost of MailWizz?

MailWizz pricing starts at $54.00 per one-time