Dual Channel Dash Cam India 2023

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  • 1944P 2.5K Front & 1080P FHD Rear Featuring 6 Lens, F1.8, 1944P HD with WDR 140° wide-angle that adjusts exposure & capture more detail both in darkness or strong light, producing super clear and vibrant images.
  • 2″ IPS SCREEN & 140° WIDE WIDE ANGLE70mai Dash Cam A500S comes equipped with a 2″ IPS screen to view your recordings.
  • F1.8 aperture 140° wide FOV (Field of View) with 6 layers of lenses effectively enhances image/video brightness and reduces blind spots
  • BUILT-IN ADAS FOR MAXIMIZED safety with built-in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS),
  • Modern AI-powered technology designed to boost driving safety,
  • 70mai Dash Cam A500S provides lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and more to safeguard your daily trips
  • Dual Channel Dash Cam India 2022


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Dual Channel Dash Cam India 2023

Dual Channel Dash Cam India 2023

Dual Channel Dash Cam India 2023

The dashcams can be used to record unusual occurrences or evidence of vandalism, collisions, corruption, and other road-related incidents. Only Tesla’s dashcam has an integrated camera; other cars must purchase the dashcam separately. The 70Mai Dashcam Pro is the latest model to hit the market. Continue reading to find out what I think. A dashcam is a valuable accessory for your car.

What is it?

A dashcam, a small digital camera mounted to the dashboard that records the driver’s point of view, is a small and portable digital video camera. Each country and each jurisdiction has its own rules regarding the use and distribution of dashcams. Users must verify their legal rights to operate the camera.

Automakers don’t usually include them because of these legal restrictions. These restrictions have the advantage that dashcam manufacturers are able to quickly develop features that go beyond what automakers can do. Consumers and manufacturers no longer consider a dashcam to be a windshield-mounted HD wide-angle camera capable of storing video to a microSD memory card. Read more about Dual Channel Dash Cam India 2023.


  • Dual-channel recording of front and rear cameras
  • Sony IMX335 5MP sensor that can tilt
  • 2592×1944 recording resolution
  • 140-degree wide-angle recording
  • 2-inch IPS LCD Display
  • Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems Support (ADAS).
  • GPS and route tracking built-in
  • Continuous Loop Recording
  • Parking monitoring and G sensor for emergency recordings
  • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), 3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) are supported
  • App support

Dual Channel Dash Cam Features:

Dual cameras can be used to capture both the front and rear views of the dashcam. It features a GPS and a G sensor to detect collisions, impact, and rough braking. It is compatible with both iOS and Android apps and has WiFi. The device also has Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and an emergency button. Users can easily record emergency footage by pressing one button.

The car dash camera uses a powerful processor and a SONY IMX335 cam to capture HD video. The dashcam also has 3D DNR to reduce noise and WDR for exposure balance. The large aperture F1.8 allows you to brighten dark scenes. The dashcam features a built-in G-sensor, which detects sudden shaking or collisions even when the vehicle remains stationary. The dashcam will notify the driver via voice alarm function if there are any safety hazards.

Both Android and IOS devices can use the dashcam. The app makes it easy to view, download, and record HD videos. The emergency mode on the car dash cam can lock the video and prevent it from being stolen. WDR Technology (Wide Dynamic Range) is built into the car dashcam. It reduces distortion and permits clear vision in smoke. The 70mai App can be downloaded to view the recorded video. It works with both iOS and Android operating systems.

You can view and download the dashcam from both Android and IOS phones. This app allows you to lock the emergency video and prevent data leakage. Dash cam’s Defogging Technology reduces image distortion when there is fire and guarantees clear vision at all times. WDR technology adjusts exposure to capture more detail under low light conditions. This improves recording quality.

The 70mai A500S Dual Channel Car Dash Cam features a front camera that records video at 30 frames/second in 1944p. It has a bitrate of 24.8Mbps. The video quality is superior to that of the original Dash Cam Pro. The videos look slightly sharper than the original Dash Cam Pro’s 6G lens, but both resolution and video quality are the same as the original.

The 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus+ A500S has a 4/3 aspect ratio and 2 channels. It supports GPS. It is a great deal for the money and has impressive video quality. It’s a decent app with occasional firmware updates. The rear video quality is a little poor. It is worth the money. It is an investment that will be repaid many times over.

A 500mAh battery powers the 70mai Dash Cam. It is not compatible with driving route functions and therefore is not suitable for hot climates. Both Android and IOS are compatible with the dash camera. High-quality videos can be recorded by the SONY IMX335 cam. The 70mai App allows you to view and playback your videos. It also has a microphone.

This camera can record videos at 4K resolution. The battery of the camera cannot withstand high temperatures. It does however support dual-channel parking surveillance. The APP can be used to connect the car’s dash camera to both Android and iOS devices. Once you have connected the camera to the car, you can view the video from wherever you are. You can connect the camera to the Internet and view the videos anywhere you are.

It is compatible with both Android devices and IOS phones. The app also allows you to access recorded videos. The app is compatible with both systems. The dash camera can be mounted behind the rear-view mirror. It is easy to use the dash camera. Additional accessories are not required. Many drivers will find the car dashcam to be a great choice. It is well worth it.

What do I like?

  • Design
  • Interface for users (both verbal as well as button-based)
  • App

What needs to be improved

  • Implementation of ADAS
  • Integration of GPS
  • Extreme weather operation
  • It can be a little difficult to get the microSD cards in and out.


For peace of mind, get any dash camera you can, especially when dealing with police or insurance. If you find the features of this dash cam to be amazing, it’s worth considering. So this concludes the topic for Dual Channel Dash Cam India 2023.