Portable Bluetooth Photo Printer India 2023

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  • The product comes in a proper packaging
  • This product will be an ideal pick for you
  • Easy to use
  • Turn every fun-filled memory and monumental adventure into instant, beautiful color prints with the HP Sprocket Photo Printer.
  • Weighing in at under a pound with the dimensions of an average smartphone, the HP Sprocket is built to fit into your pocket, backpack, or purse with ease.
  • Easily print 2 x 3″ sticky-backed photos and display them anywhere to make your space more unique.
  • The HP Sprocket App lets you customize photos with borders and stickers, print from social media or your camera roll, and even view your photos in augmented reality.
  • Easily view photo libraries from the app, share photo albums, and get recommendations for the best photos from any collection.
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Portable Bluetooth Photo Printer India 2023

Portable Bluetooth Photo Printer India 2023

Portable Bluetooth Photo Printer India 2023

The ease of using digitally stored images appeals to many (it is just a matter of seconds to upload your photo to social media platforms and share it with your loved ones and friends) however, there’s something nostalgic about the physical print. However, formatting and sending pictures for printing at a pharmacy or kiosk can be time-consuming and often isn’t user-friendly.

HP’s Sprocket Photo Printer It caught our attention because it promises instant gratification of mobile photo printing. However, instead of choosing the grainy look of an old-fashioned print, it’s possible to connect the sleek device to your smartphone or tablet using an application. It’s a perfect blend of nostalgic photography and modern ease of use.

What is the HP Sprocket Photo Printer?

HP offers the Sprocket as a Portable Bluetooth Photo Printer which makes it simple to print images while on the move. It is connected to smartphones as well as tablets using Bluetooth to print photos of two by three inches. The integrated HP Sprocket application allows users to edit images before printing, and also connect directly with social media accounts to access your photos from there.

It’s compact — roughly as big as a cellphone and weighing just 6 grams. This is the reason HP insists that the Sprocket can be used anywhere. It is extremely light and simple to carry around because it didn’t take up a lot of space in bags or backpacks.

What is the Sprocket Printer function?

The HP Sprocket was easy to use right out of the box even for people with a low level of photographic or technical skills. All you need to do is recharge this device (which took approximately two and one-half hours) and then download the application to the device you’d like to print on, then grant Bluetooth permissions.

It’s then an issue of selecting images from your gallery of photos or other social media sites, editing according to your preference, and then printing. We also had the option to upload videos and print individual frames.

Printing a photo within the app was like uploading a picture on social networks. Printing took approximately 30 seconds per image and the printer ran for approximately an hour with the battery. Note the printer was not able to print during the time the Sprocket was charged and this is something you should remember when printing at an event or at a party.

Using the HP Sprocket app

The app Sprocket to be user-friendly even for those who are new to the app. Anyone who has uploaded images on Instagram or iPhoto should not have any issues.

  • Editing photos:

Within the app, we were able to alter the brightness, exposure, contrast, and also add an in-built filter or tint or color. We also added stickers, text frames, and drawings. The app is designed for people with no professional experience in photo editing We were able to easily edit photographs. Even children could use it.

It’s a breeze due to the use of easy-to-click icons. We were a bit disappointed that some icon images weren’t so clear for us, such as that of the “dropper” symbol that we believed was meant to alter the color, but in reality, was used to alter the levels of saturation. In the end, it was not difficult to understand what each icon was doing and a little playing around gave us a good understanding of the different functions that the app offers.

  • Printing:

Before sending photos for printing, you are able to check the bleed area twice to know exactly what’s going to be inside the frame of the print. We really appreciated this feature because not all photos meet the dimensions of two by three inches and it was useful to alter the areas of a particular photo that will be cut prior to printing.

  • Bluetooth:

It was very easy connecting to either a phone or tablet via the application, as long as we had our Bluetooth settings were correctly configured. There were no connectivity issues with the printer.

  • Larger images:

We were impressed by the “titles” option to print larger images, which is similar to using nine smaller squares to create a full photo on Instagram. The device can print two-by-three inches however, the Sprocket app lets you upload a larger picture before dividing it into two-by-3-inch squares. Once you’ve printed, you are able to make it into a single image that is comprised of nine images.

  • Copies:

It is easy for us to transfer multiple copies and photos on the Sprocket. The app allows printing “copies” so you can request that the printer create duplicate copies of the image. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the printer comes with only the paper for 10 sheets, and the replacement packs cost $10 for 20 sheets.

Quality of photos printed by HP’s Sprocket Photo Printer Review.

We were very pleased by the quality of the images we printed using the Sprocket although we did experience a problem when printing high-contrast images, as they diminished the details in more bright areas. The size of two by three inches is ideal for journals or scrapbooks as well as collaging, creating hand-crafted greeting cards and recipe cards.

It’s also a great option for children who love DIY projects or gadgets that are cool, and youngsters seem to like making the prints into stickers. We had fun playing around with”titles” and the “titles” feature to create larger pictures that were made up of several smaller frames. This meant although the printer was tiny and portable, we weren’t restricted to a two-by-three-inch print.

As we mentioned earlier, every piece of printer paper has a sticky backing and these photos can also be used as stickers. As we tried the stickers were well-sticky and held firmly to the surfaces they were put on. They’re very heavy and durable enough to not scratch easily, even when placed on surfaces that are frequently used such as a water bottle.

Does it worth the HP Sprocket worth it?

The HP Sprocket Photo Printer includes the charging cable and 10 photo papers. The refill bundle with 20 photos of paper costs $10. We felt it was well worth it because it’s fun to use and could make a wonderful present for children or for those who like making DIY projects. It made printing photos easy and provided a mix of versatility and portability. So this concludes the topic for Portable Bluetooth Photo Printer.