Robot Vacuum Mop p Xiaomi India 2023

Robot Vacuum Mop p Xiaomi India 2023 | Buy On Amazon

  • Ultimate Power Machine: With a powerful 2100 Pa suction and high-end brushless motor, you can achieve thorough cleaning of dust and debris in no time.
  • This coupled with the 3200mAh battery provides a run-time of up to 130 mins
  • Dedicated app (Mi Home / Xiaomi Home) for controlling Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P through Wi-Fi.
  • Along with this user can use host of features like scheduled cleaning , virtual walls/restricted zones, zoned and spot cleaning 
  • Mi Robot has 2-in-1 Sweeping & Mopping Function which supports 3 modes of efficient cleaning:
  • 1. Sweeping & Mopping Mode which works with 2-in-1 tank
  • 2. Sweeping Only which works with 550ml large dust box
  • 3. Mopping Only which works with a 2-In-1 tank
  • Automatic recharging: Mi Robot also offers automatic recharging and also resumes work on its own.
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Robot Vacuum Mop p Xiaomi India 2023

Robot Vacuum Mop p Xiaomi India 2023

Robot Vacuum Mop p Xiaomi India 2023

Are you tired of mopping and cleaning the floors all day? This device will make your life easier by eliminating noise distortion and the need to clean. The Robot Vacuum Mop p Xiaomi effectively cleans your home and office. The Vacuum Mop P robot vacuum is affordable and has smart features that provide mop comforts.

Robot Vacuum Mop P Best Vacuum Cleaner:


Robot Vacuum Mop p is the same puck-shaped robot cleaner as other models like iRobot’s Roomba. The glossy plastic shell does not scratch. The shell is not prone to smudging as you won’t touch it very often. You will need to dust it after a few days. The rubber paddles at the sides protect the vacuum cleaner from damage if it collides with furniture or walls, but they don’t leave any marks.

It is simple in design, with only two touch controls for the operation power and home. To stop the vacuum cleaner from operating, push the power button once. The home button can be long-pressed to turn off the vacuum cleaner. The robot vacuum returns to its dock when it presses the home button.

You can access water and dusty containers by lifting the lid. These containers are easy to remove and install. However, you need to be careful not to let any water seep inside the container while it is being inserted.

The main components of the package are the vacuum cleaner and the adapter dock. A separate drag bracket is included to connect the mop heads.

A cleaning brush is also included to clean the dust chamber. The blade at one end can be used to remove hair, fabric, and other debris from bottom roller brushes. The dust container has a capacity of 550ml and can be run 2-3 times. The mop should be taken out after each use, cleaned, and dried.

Composition of Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Pump

It is small enough to roll under my tables and couches, but not too big. However, it is large enough that it cannot travel every distance. Although it is heavy, you can still raise it or flip it when necessary. It is heavy. The top has a plastic cover that can be used to protect accessories and a power button.

Another button allows you to return the device to its recharge station. It uses a spoken message to communicate what is happening. This includes messages to start, finish, charge, memory to remove, and clean fittings. A tiny speaker is also used in the system.

Features of Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop P

There are two vacuum compartments available: one for cleaning and another with vacuuming and a water reservoir. The rolling brush can be inserted directly into the unit from another box but must be removed every few days. It fits into a convenient position and fits in easily.

The package will include a mop attachment, two mopping pads, and two cleaning brushes. The Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P only requires one brush to be replaced; the other brushes can be used as a replacement once that first brush is worn out.

Mi robot stainless steel and bowls clean floors and tapestries, and allow you to relax. The powerful suction combined with the brushless motor’s HEPA filter and the three-stage cleaning system collects all dirt and dust from the floor and carpets.

The mopping function, if activated, shoots water from the tank and attaches the microfibre cloth to the ground to remove dirt. The V-shaped robot washing route can effectively remove even the most stubborn contaminants from the floor.

The Software allows you to control the vacuum cleaner.

The Mi Robot cleaner/sweeper can be controlled via an app for your smartphone. You can plan your cleaning schedule and monitor the robot’s progress in real-time. With the room identification feature, the robot scans the area and identifies any potential future uses. The robot can also be controlled remotely via Bluetooth Dongle or Alexa voice commands.

LDS 360 Degrees

The 360deg LDS sensor technology shows objects that are 360deg from the vacuum and mop. Twelve laser range sensors are used to identify different objects. This prevents collisions from stairs and boards. It can scan the entire home and detect obstacles. The clever navigation system ensures that the sensor technology cleans every surface and leaves no trace of dirt.

The advanced robot vacuum cleaner laser technology allows for operational readiness without causing damage to furniture or décor in the space. High-precision sensors within the robot allow for measurements to be taken in less than a second in 2017.

Establishing Virtually Borders

You can also create virtual borders with the software. To restrict the areas that the robot is not supposed to vacuum, you can create virtual barriers or no-go zones. You can also modify the map to indicate the areas where you want to vacuum the robot vacuum.

You can set virtual limits on the areas you do not want to vacuum or mop. These limits may be set by the Mi Robot app on your smartphone. These are the limits. You can also choose which locking locations you want to avoid, such as tennis courts and doormats. You can also lock wipe lock locations with the app.

The Water Tank and Dust Collector

Mi Robot includes a 550ml dust collector and a 200ml water reservoir. This allows you to create cleaning schedules that cover large areas quickly. The robot can vacuum the mop, but not frequently empty the trash container or refill the water tank.

Battery Life

The Xiaomi robot automatically charges the battery when it detects low battery levels. The robot will return to the battery pack, regardless of its location, in order to recharge. The robot will continue cleaning after the charge has ended. The Robot continues cleaning from the same spot it was left, rather than cleaning the entire area again, which saves time.

Motion Detector

Robot cleaners are often trapped when they attempt to climb low-pile carpets or ledges. Mi Robot, on the other hand, can move smoothly over any obstruction up to 20mm.


  • To remove the stains effectively, it used a Y-shaped cleaning method.
  • It produces a powerful, low-noise suction.
  • It can perform two functions in one: water tank and dustbin.
  • It often customizes the virtual map and blocks out areas.
  • The app is easy to use and has multiple functions.
  • Efficient cleaning
  • Affordable


  • It is not stated what the remaining water level in the storage tanks is.
  • They could leak if the robot vacuum is unable to remove the dustbin and water tank.
  • The water tank is very small.
  • They have limited Smart home integration.

Reasons to Purchase Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro.

  • Imagine that you are looking for a reliable robot vacuum that cleans efficiently at a low price. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro might be a good choice.
  • This robot vacuum cleaner is perfect for those who want to have a better mopping experience. The electronic water control allows for the same amount of water to be produced throughout the house. It can remove stubborn stains and clean up messes with its Y-pattern mopping technique, unlike other machines that only have basic mopping capabilities.
  • This gadget is great for people who live in messy areas or have high traffic. It can navigate around obstacles and provide a thorough cleaning, thanks to its LDS smart navigation.
  • It has a strong suction power of up to 2100 Pa at a manageable level. If that’s not enough, there’s also a quiet cleaning option suitable for pet owners and children.


Although the Robot Vacuum-Mop P may not be the most technologically advanced vacuum on the market today, it does have important functions. It does its job well, and that’s what is most important.

It has done a great job in calculating the fastest route to the desired area while also increasing safety. It can also scale low heights. The Robot Vacuum Mop P will do a lot better if you give it a helping hand and remove any stray clothes or debris.

This device is extremely useful for cleaning up urgent cleanings that are often required during a day at home. After you purchase it, you won’t be disappointed. So this concludes the topic for Robot Vacuum Mop p Xiaomi India 2023.