January 20, 2022

Vehicle Fleet Management USA 2023

Topic: Vehicle Fleet Management USA 2023

Vehicle Fleet Management USA 2022

Vehicle Fleet Management USA 2023

The fleet manager can be described as a straightforward but user-friendly web application that offers a completely comprehensive, complete Fleet management system for fleet-based businesses of any size. It lets companies control drivers and vehicles, customers as well as inventory management, keep an eye on the cost of income and expenditures and provide comprehensive reports on a regular basis.

This powerful web car reservation application can help in managing the many responsibilities associated with companies involved in transportation. It provides APIs for both mobile and web applications to manage bookings and track.

Installation Guide

Follow the installation procedure.


The following information is required to upload this application.

  1. Linux Server with LAMP/LEMP. (PHP version should be greater than 7.4.13)
  2. FTP Tool for uploading the files onto Server (eg: FileZilla)
  3. Mysql Tool to create a database.

How to Install Fleet Manager

Upload via FTP Server

When you download the program, you can upload it to your server with an FTP client. If the script is already installed on your server, just go to your domain and continue the setup process. Make sure that your localhost server is running PHP 7.4.13 or greater

Server Requirements:

  • PHP Version 7.4.13 or greater

List of PHP Extensions:

  • BCMath PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • Fileinfo PHP Extension
  • GMP PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension

Once all is set, you will see the installation screen in your browser whenever you access the script URL hosted by your domain. You will need to input five pieces of information on the screen. Below is the list of details.

  1. Purchase Code: You will receive this code when you buy the software from CodeCanyon
  2. The address of the Mysql/MariaDB server
  3. Database UserName
  4. Database user password
  5. Database Name

The installation will continue if these details are true. If you have any issues with installation, you are able to reach us. You can contact us by using the below buttons. Read more about Vehicle Fleet Management USA 2022.

Configure Email

The script has an email configuration built-in that is fake. It will not send emails unless you input the details of your email server in the account configuration file for email. Here are the steps you need to follow to set up your email account using a script.

  • Start the mail.php file which is located in the config folder.
  • Replacing with your SMTP HOST.
  • Replace with your Email Address.
  • Replacing your Fleet Manager with your business name.
  • Replace with your Email Address.
  • Replace your email password by entering your email address password.
  • Save the File and Upload it to your servers

Configure Notification

To set up fleet manager notifications

  1. It is necessary to include expiration dates when adding new drivers, vehicles and create service reminders for your vehicles.
  2. Then, set cronjob in your control panel, and then run the schedule then run the command.

You can run this schedule for every minute within your control panel



You can log in for the first time using the default username and password.

  • Username:
  • Password: password

The login screen is a default username password that will take you to the Admin Panel when you click Sign in.

Once you’ve logged in it is recommended to change your password on the “Edit Profile” page. The script comes with Sample Data and you can look it up on the dashboard page with charts.


Four types of users.

  1. Super Administrator ( who can do anything)
  2. System Users (Supervisor/Clark/Staff)
  3. Drivers
  4. Customers

You can add drivers and users via the “Users” Menu.

System Users

System users who manage this online platform. When creating a user, System Admin can assign a specific vehicle Group to the user, so that only the user will be granted access to the vehicles which belong to that group.

Superusers are able to grant different access rights to a user in order to control the scope and options he has access to in the software.

Users can do

Below is a listing of the things that users are able to do.

  • Manage Drivers
  • Manage Bookings
  • Manage Vehicles
  • Manage Work Orders
  • Manage Notes
  • Manage Customers


Drivers Features

  • Drivers can log into the system.
  • Driver’s Dashboard: They can view their bookings as well as their profile information.
  • Drivers can modify their profiles.
  • Drivers are able to create notes for themselves and also view notes made by System users for them.
  • Drivers can change their login passwords to their accounts.
  • Drivers are able to add fuel to their vehicle if the administrator allows the fuel management for drivers.
  • Drivers are able to view the inspections of the vehicle.


Customer Features

  • The customer can check their booking history, as well as their fares.
  • Customers can modify their profiles.
  • Customers can change their passwords to login into their accounts.


With our Vehicle booking system module, you can include any kind of vehicle. For instance, taxis, trucks, boats, cars, etc. We’ve covered all aspects of vehicle management that every driver requires.


  • Manage Income

Fleet Manager

  • Manage Expense

Fleet Manager


  • Income Report
  • Expense Report
  • Delinquent Report
  • Monthly Report
  • Booking Report
  • User Report
  • Work Order Report
  • Fuel Report
  • Driver Report
  • Customer Report
  • Vendor Report
  • Yearly Report


  • Add Fuel
  • Fuel History
  • Edit Fuel

Work Orders

  • Add Work Order
  • Manage Work Order
  • Edit Work Order
  • Work Order History

Add Mechanics
Edit Mechanics


  • Manage
  • Create
  • Edit

Service Reminders

  • Manage Service Reminders
  • Add Service Reminders


  • Manage Testimonials
  • Add Testimonials
  • Edit Testimonials


  • Manage Team
  • Add Team
  • Edit Team


  • User Access Mgmt
  • General Settings
  • API Settings
  • Payment Settings
  • Twilio Settings
  • Reasons for Cancellation
  • Email Notifications
  • Set Email Content
  • Fare Settings
  • Expense Categories
  • Income Categories
  • Fronted Settings
  • Company Services


Fleet Manager Customer Interface.

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Contact Page
  • Customer Login
  • Customer Registration
  • Customer’s Edit Profile
  • Booking History
  • Forget Password
  • Payment Page

Vehicle Fleet Management- FAQ

  • How do I update the fleet manager to the latest version?

Step 1: Extract files out of Zip Folder.

Step 2:- Replace All Folders Except Storage

Step 3: After replacing files, you can access the script via your browser. It will ask you for the purchase key and details of the database.

Once you’ve entered the correct information, it will update your version of the software to the latest version.

  • How do I set up web app notifications and browser notifications using your control panel?

To set up fleet manager notifications, you must set the cronjob option in your control panel and then run the schedule command.

You can run this schedule for every minute of the day in your control panel

  • What can I do to change the one language for a particular user?

The user can alter the language of himself by changing his language via the edit section of his profile.

  • What do I need to add as a new vehicle type?

Administrator users can add a new type of vehicle from

Vehicles > Manage Vehicle Type

Click and click on the “Add New” button to create a new type of car.

  • How can I deal with different rates of fares for different types of vehicles?

You can control the fare rate of all vehicle types from the Settings menu > Fare Settings.

  • Which is the minimum PHP version that is required for this script to function?

You’ll need PHP Version 7.2 or greater in order to use our program.

  • Does this script contain Android App source code?

There is no need to say that the Fleet Manager Android app is available separately from this script and is not part of this package. The script is the only frontend and admin panel. However, if you’re searching for an android application contact us at: We’ll be in touch with you.

  • How can I obtain an API key for Google Maps? Google Maps API key?

Create API keys that are new:

  1. Go to the Cloud Console.
  2. Navigate to the left-hand menu and select APIs and Services. Then, select Credentials.
  3. The Credentials page is where you can choose the drop-down menu for creating credentials and select the API key.
  4. The API key creation dialog box shows your freshly created API key.
  5. It is possible to create an exact copy of the API code (the API key is always accessible through your console). For security reasons, we strongly suggest that you restrict access to your API key. So this concludes the topic for Vehicle Fleet Management USA 2022.